Become a god leading your troops to the drums' rhythm




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Patapon is a game that appears on the screen making a big noise, not just because it is a great game, both simple in design yet at the same time extremely entertaining and lavish, but also because while you guide your army you make use of the sound of a mystic drum.

Patapon's distinction is that it's the absolute latest of Sony's PSP games and now you can also play it online on the computer thanks to this demo where you can savor the essence of Patapon on different levels, which is what has made this game a real PSP classic.

The first thing that distinguishes Patapon is the peculiar way the troops are controlled. You make use of the mystic drum, because you act as God commanding your platoon, sending them into battle, making them advance, retreat, attack, defend themselves or perform magic tricks en route towards conquering the territory. How? Easy, every command uses a key sequence which has to be pressed to the rhythm of the mystic drum. It is not difficult to control, but to be a true Patapon God you need a good ear and great rhythm if the troops are to reach a safe harbor.

Once you have played your first Patapon game, the purr of the PATA-PATA-PATA-PON beat will be with you all day.

Patapon uses two-dimensional characters, which are very varied and will provide good mileage. By advancing up the levels, you unlock more and more characters and landscapes, because in addition to being a game, at the same time you can create desktop backgrounds with the unlocked characters.
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